The Catholic Parish of St Jerome was established as a standalone parish when it was broken off from Bankstown in 1935. Fr Walter Clarke was the first Parish Priest and was here for 31 years. Fr Clarke laid the foundations for the growth of our parish and school community. He was well supported by the parishioners in his endeavours. Other former parish priests, Fr Michael Kiely (1966-1971), Fr Hugh Boland (1972-1991), Fr Robert Fuller (1992 -2003) & Fr Richard Gates (2004-present) have all brought their gifts and talents to the Catholic Community of Punchbowl and continued to work in partnership with parishioners.

With the growth of the parish since 1935, there was a need to build a much bigger Church and our present Church, built by Fr Walter Clarke was opened in May 1963 and stands as a beautiful place of worship in the Punchbowl area; in the later 90’s the Church was renovated by Fr Robert Fuller in accordance with current liturgical principles. The Church was formally consecrated by Cardinal George Pell during our 75th Anniversary Celebrations in 2010.

The current presbytery was built in 1967 by Fr Michael Kiely and has provided accommodation as a home for many priests who have served as parish priests and assistant priests.

The Sisters of St Joseph had a strong and influential presence in the parish from when they established a school on this site in 1933 until they left the parish in 2005. We are indebted to the Sisters for the commitment to both our parish and school for over 72 years. 

Parishioners have given of their time and energy and also financial support over many years. Your financial support continues to allow our parish to function and provide for the needs of the parish. Former parish priests have organised various Planned Giving drives which have assisted in providing for parish needs, these finance needs will continue to be present as we move into the future.