St Jerome Knitting Group meets for two hours on Saturday mornings during the months of March to August to knit squares and accept donations of wool and finished squares from parishioners. Once we have a collection of squares they are sewn together to make blankets with either crocheted edges or some form of appliqué to decorate them. The finished blankets are then donated to our St Vincent de Paul Conference. As well as knitting squares, some of our group are accomplished at crocheting and have also crocheted beautiful blankets. Last year a donation was received of wool and knitting needles. Some of the wool has been used to knit jumpers, cardigans and beanies as well. Inexperienced knitters (ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls) are welcome to come along and learn how to knit or to crochet. It is a good opportunity to get together for coffee and a chat.

Square Pattern: 8ply yarn/wool – Cast on 38 sts – Knit 80 rows





Unfinished blanket











Work in progress