The parish priest is the administrator of the assets of the parish (Church Law: Canon 532) and a Parish Finance Committee acts only in an advisory capacity.

The parish priest seeks the prudent advice from the Parish Finance Committee and should have their consensus for the major directions of his administration. He is accountable to the parishioners for the way in which he has administered the assets of the parish. The parishioners have a duty to support the parish priest in his endeavours for the good of the parish.

Through the Parish Finance Committee the parishioners are to seek to lessen the burden of the parish priest in administering parish finances, in maintaining parish properties, in planning for future capital works, in raising the necessary finances and in establishing a framework for greater shared responsibility with parish life.



The current Parish Finance Committee consists of:

  1. The Parish Priest

  2. Three members of the parish, chosen by the parish priest who are of outstanding integrity and competent in financial affairs.

The parish priest is free to add other members to the committee, if the needs of the parish require a large number.

Current members of the Parish Finance Committee are:

  • Kerry Fitzgerald
  • Cliff Berenger
  • Sue Younes
  • Fr Richard Gates PP



Meetings of the Parish Finance Committee are held every three months and may be held more often when urgent issues arise.