There is a rapidly increasing need to support our sick and retired priests. The Sydney Archdiocese established the Priests’ Retirement Foundation to ensure all priests can receive the accommodation, health care and support they need in their retirement.

Most of our Archdiocesan priests work long into their seventies, caring for the spiritual life and welfare of their people – often to the detriment of their own long term welfare.

There are now over 60 retired priests in Sydney.

The Priests’ Retirement Foundation covers needs such as:


Convalescence Care

Nursing Home and Hostel Care for frail Priests

Assistance in transitioning to retirement

Health Insurance

Medical and dental expenses

Assistance with board and lodging expenses

Minor repairs and maintenance of accommodation

This annual Appeal is taken up on Father’s Day each year. Please support our retired priests.

More information at www.prf.org.au





This Appeal supports the Pastoral Activity of the Archdiocese of Sydney and is taken up three times a year in May, August and November. Contributions of $2 and over are tax deductible.

Your donation supports the work of the following charitable agencies and social services in the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney:


CatholicCare – Catholic Community Services

Chaplaincies – Prisons, Hospitals & Universities

Ephpheta Centre – Ministry for the hearing impaired

Confraternity of Christian Doctrine – Religious Education in State Schools

Seminarians – education and formation of future priests

Aboriginal Catholic Ministry

Each parish is given a quota which they MUST contribute to this appeal. The Parish of St Jerome currently has a quota of $4,700 for each appeal.

More information or to donate through the year please contact 93905942 or www.cwf.org.au.





This appeal is taken up around the Solemnity of Sts Peter and Paul. This annual appeal supports the Pope’s activities around the world. It unites us in solidarity to the Holy See and its works of charity to those in need. Your generosity allows the Pope to respond to our suffering brothers and sisters with love and compassion. Offerings to the Holy Father go towards special projects in humanitarian work, social development and charitable works. Because the monies get sent to Rome, there is no tax deductibility on these donations.








This appeal is taken up on Good Friday each year and promotes the missionary work of the Church in the Holy Land by providing welfare assistance to local Christians in areas such as health, education, employment and housing. Parishes, schools, orphanages and medical centres throughout the Holy Land also rely on assistance from the Good Friday collection. Because the monies get sent to the Holy Land, there is no tax deductibility on these donations. The Appeal is organised and coordinated by the Franciscan Friars who administer the Holy Land Commissariat.








Caritas Australia’s annual fundraising and community engagement appeal, Project Compassion began in 1966 and is now one of the largest humanitarian fundraising campaigns in Australia.

Each year, Project Compassion runs during Lent, the six weeks leading up to Easter. asking people across Australia to help raise money and offer hope to the millions of families who fight for justice, peace and survival every single day.

This appeal is an extraordinary, ongoing demonstration of the faith, love and generosity of the Catholic congregation and caring supporters throughout Australia, all in the name of justice and peace. It is the lifeblood of Caritas Australia; without it, we could not do the work that we do.

Boxes and envelopes are available at the beginning of Lent for the appeal.