FIRST COLLECTION:  (Pastoral Revenue)

This collection takes place after the Procession of the Gifts.

Donations received from this collection go into the Pastoral Revenue Account.


The money is used for the support of the priests in the parish. Christmas and Easter Offerings, plus those donations given for weddings and baptism are added to the first collection moneys and deposited in the Parish Pastoral Revenue account.


From this account:

  • Each priest is paid his monthly stipend.
  • Domestic needs of the presbytery, including food, electricity, gas, water and cleaning.
  • 15% is paid to the Archdiocese each year to meet its expenses


In so called wealthier parishes any surplus left in this account is forwarded to a Central Fund. This ensures that all priests, whatever parish they are in, receive the same standard allowance each month for personal expenses.


This Central Fund also attends to the needs of:

  • Retired and sick priests
  • Priests undertaking postgraduate study overseas
  • Migrant Chaplains


The central Fund is managed by an elected board of priests.





This collection is taken up after Holy Communion and consists of planned giving envelopes and loose money.  




There are two types of planned-giving envelopes at St Jerome’s


  • Those that attract 100% tax deductibility for those seeking a tax deduction. These donations do not go directly into Church account but the School Building Fund & Trust account and can only be used to pay Parish School Insurance and paying off school loans.


  • Those that do not attract any tax deductibility go directly into the Church account for parish expenses as do all loose money. These are used for:

           *Parish running costs including administration, insurance, electricity, phone, stationery, printing, liturgical needs, general

             maintenance and upkeep of church, presbytery and parish property.

           *Parish staff wages.

           *Priest’s car expenses.


The management of these funds is the responsibility of the parish priest in consultation with the Parish Finance Committee.


Anyone wishing to contribute to the Planned-Giving Envelopes is asked to contact our secretary at the Parish Office on Tuesdays – Thursdays 9.00am – 2.30pm.